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120 State Ave NE, PMB 1045, Olympia, WA 98501

Phone: 360-359-3989


August 6 – 9:00-2:00pm

6:00-7:00 am Packet Pickup @ TBA
6:00-8:00 am Equipment Staging at Transitions
8:00 am – Informational Meeting @ Mima Mounds Trailhead (start of relay)
9:00 am – Start at Capitol Forest
9:00 am-2:00 pm – Watch at the Relay Transitions
NOTE: The cut off time for boaters to be in the water is 4:30 pm.

11:00 pm – 2:30 pm Watch the Traverse Finish Line at Port Plaza / Brew Fest!

Road Bike

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The road bike course begins at Mima Falls Trailhead off of Marksman Road Road. The course takes a left onto Bordeaux Road, then another left onto Mima Road. Mima Road turns into Waddel Creek Rd, taking a left onto Delphi, which brings you into Olympia. The course then continues past Evergreen College and ends by dropping on Harbor View to West Bay Park (Rotary Park) in downtown Olympia. The handoff to the paddler is just before coming to park’s round-a-bout.

(see map for details)

Riding or driving the course prior to the race is recommended. The course is very scenic. These roads are popular with local bicyclists. Unfortunately, some portions of the pavement on Delphi Road are starting to fail. This causes areas with pot holes and washboard. These defects are not marked on the course. Many of the roads may have sand/grit on them. This is primarily at the edge of the road lanes.

The road bicyclist must be capable of racing/riding on public roads that are open to motor vehicles. The racer is responsible for knowing the course. There are no signs or mileage markers on the course. The racer should be able to complete the 22 mile course in less than 2 hours. Assistance along the course is not allowed and there are no services provided (other than emergency communications) along the course. The cyclist should start with sufficient water and food for the entire course. There are no portable restrooms provided along the course. The cyclist is responsible for providing a safe bicycle. The racer should be able to repair flat tires without outside assistance. Drafting of other bicycles is allowed but should only be done by racers with drafting experience. Inexperienced racers will not be aware of potential hazards (such as when the leading rider slows suddenly or dodges an object in the road) associated with drafting.
Bring your bike ready to race! For last minute problems, Deschutes River Cyclery will be providing mechanics to assist you. There is no retail businesses in the area. If there is something that you absolutely need, please bring it with you. Cell phone service is generally unavailable. This is the same transition as the start line.
Helmets are mandatory. Bikes must be in good condition. Recumbent bicycles are not allowed except for handicapped racers (request approval prior to registration). Motorized bikes of any nature are not allowed. Bicyclists may not receive assistance or spare parts from anyone after starting the race. iPods, MP3s, Walkmans or similar music/audio systems are not allowed to be used by the racers while competing.
The bicyclist will begin from a standing point when the timing chip is received from the runner. Racers must obey all regular traffic laws unless directed otherwise by a Law Enforcement official. Drafting of motor vehicles is not allowed. Littering on the course is not allowed!
The road bike course will be laid out in detail in the Racer’s Packet, as well as posted on the website in mid-May.
All unloading of bikes, gear and people will be at the parking lot at Mima Falls Trailhead. Follow the directions of the flaggers and volunteers to enter the parking lot. You will have to walk/ride your bike from the parking lot to the transition area. Please bear this in mind when selecting how much gear to bring. Spectators will also have to walk to the transition area from the parking lot.
It is important for all racers to show their bib numbers when crossing the transition areas. Timing of individual legs may vary based upon transition area layout. Therefore, personal time kept by racers may not correspond with official results.


Volunteering for the Road Bike Leg

If you want to volunteer for the Road Bike leg of the race, please make sure to mark it in your volunteer registration.